Friday, September 12, 2014

Saturday, September 13, 6-9PM, Food Service: 6:30-8PM, The Painted Pony Party Fundraiser at Eillowbrook, Tickets Still Available

The Victorian Country Kitchen at Willowbrook

Correction: Although an important fundraiser, we have decided to cancel our"Golf Outing"  this year in lieu of other events and fundraisers; we will be doing the golf outing next year. A date will be announced in our Spring, 2015 newsletter.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Classes at Willowbrook

Drop Everything and Re-Schedule For

 History is Two Fun: Aug., Sept. & Oct.     

Get a membership and get 10% off the tuition price of this class and others, plus museum admission. Take class with mom, dad, spouse or friend. One price for two people.

1.        Sat., Sept. 20, 9-11:30AM, Kids’ Erector Set Fun: Construct a Ferris Wheel and/or Robot, and/or Automobile and  More. Make stuff with the museum director with 1930s -1950s erector sets at our Hands-On History building, $20. 
2.      Sat., Sept. 27, 2-5PM, Letterpress Printing Class. Learn about composition and design. Set lead type on a 95 year old printing press. Class limit. $38
3.      Sat., Sept. 13, 10-3PM, Pinhole Camera Photography 101 with Amy Hagberg. Learn about how cameras work, build your own camera, take photos, and develop them in a darkroom. Class limit. $45 Cancelled: We are re-scheduling. call and get on the list. 
4.       Sat. Sept. 27, 9-2PM: Blacksmithing 101: Make a Squirrel (and chicken)Cooking Rotisserie, $45 Other beginner projects also possible.

5.      Sun., September 21, 12-2PM, Kids’ Old Fashioned Work Day: Do Laundry, Cut Wood with Two Man Saws, Use a Block and Tackle, and Make Corn Meal like they did in the 19th Century, $20.
6.   Sat., September 20, 1-3PM: Victorian Cooking: Make and Bake Muffins from Scratch on a Wood Stove and Butter Too with Johanne Vaters, $20. 
7.     Sun., September 21, 9-2PM, Blacksmithing 101: Make a J (Coat) Hook on a Coal Forge with Daniel Blekkenk and Bob Schmick, $60, Ages 13 and older.
8.    Sat., Oct. 4, 9-2PM. Blacksmithing 101: Make a J Hook and an S Hook with Betsy DeBrakeleer, $60. Ages 13 and older.  
9.    Sun., Oct. 26, 9-2PM. Blacksmithing 101: Make a J Hook and an S Hook with Betsy DeBrakeleer, $60. Ages 13 and older.  
10.   Sat., September 20, 9-11:30: Make Sauerkraut Like Grandma Made. Learn about this Maine pickling tradition using crocks and the like. Make and eat. Take home your sauerkraut in 2 Mason jars, $20. Ages 10 and older.
11.    Sat., Sept. 27, 9-11:30AM, Make Horseradish Cider with Adriaan Gerber. $20 Take home two Mason jars of your cider. Class Limited. RSVP or walk-in.
17.    Sat., Sept.  , 12Noon-6PM: Blacksmithing: Knife and/or Tomahawk Making with Bladesmith Adriaan Gerber, Forge a blade and harden it. $125/$250
18.   2-Day Class: Sat., Sept. 6  9-2PM  & Sun. Sept. 7 :  Fire-Making and Survival Class with Adriaan Gerber: Forge a strike o’ light (blacksmithing) to make your campfire and a hunting knife. Collect tinder, make a shelter in the woods using lashings, build fire with your strike o’ light, and knife, and cook chicken on an open fire, camp out, if you like. 1-Day $100 (strike o’ light). 2 Day Package: $175 (strike o’ light and knife).
19.    Sat., Aug. 30, 9-5PM and/or Sun., or 2 Day Class Metal Casting with Peter Grant: Cast an Aluminum Object and a 4 Inch Brass Bell,  $100, $ 175  (multiple projects) 
20.   Sat. Sept. 13, 10-4PM and or Sun. Sept. 14, 10-4PM: Beginning Blacksmithing with Adriaan Gerber (, $125. Learn from a professional blacksmith the basics and create several objects on a coal forge. Tools and materials provided. Two days of blacksmith instruction, $250 (multiple projects).
21.   Sat., Sept. 6, 9-12Noon: Make Bread on a 19th Century Wood Stove with Johanne Vaters, $20. (Victorian Kitchen).
22.   Sun., Aug. 31 , 9-4PM, Make a Propane Metalcasting Furnace or Blacksmithing Forge. Cut, weld (we do that), and form a working furnace or forge using an empty propane tank, metal stock, metal pipe, refractory cement and a 3 PSI or greater propane gauge and hose. $295
23.   Sat., Sept. 20 , 9-4PM, Make a Propane Metal Casting Furnace or Blacksmithing Forge. Cut, weld (we do that), and form a working furnace or forge using an empty propane tank, metal stock, metal pipe, refractory cement and a 3 PSI or greater propane gauge and hose. $295

         RSVP Please.,
                                        or (207) 793-2784.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

19th Century Willowbrook Village: 2014 Schedule of Events and Programs

19th Century Willowbrook Village                                   
2014 Schedule of Events and Programs

1. May 1- June 30: School Field Trips
2. May 24, 25, & 26: Memorial Day Weekend/ Season Opening
3. Saturday, June 7: Acton-Shapleigh Historical Society Day
4. Saturday, June 14: Bean Supper
5. Saturday and Sunday, July 12, 10AM-3PM & July 13, 10-7PM ( the last film runs from 3:30-7PM-The Birth of a Nation ): First Annual Silent Film Festival, with live piano accompaniment (Peter Stickney) for Sessions 1, 2, & 4. free with admission or membership.
6. Saturday, July 19, 1-3PM & Sunday, July 20, 1-3PM: Reed Organ Concert: Old Home Classics with Peter Stickney. Free with admission or membership.
7. Friday, July 25, 5 - 6:30, Family Chicken Barbecue, 6:30PM Concert: Yankee Brass Band Concert (25 piece 19th century brass band). Tickets sold.
8. Saturday, August 9: Bean Supper, 5:30PM - 7:30PM
9. August 16 & 17: Sesquicentennial of the Civil War Weekend; Maine Antique Power Association Presentation, demonstrations, blacksmithing and a high tea ( for an additional fee).
10. Saturday & Sunday, Labor Day Weekend, August 30 & 31: Agricultural Fair Day. Our largest event.Includes: Pine Tree Model A Ford Club of Maine Show, Cast Iron Cupola Melt, Yankee Ingenuity Competition, Blacksmithing Round-Up and More...
11. Saturday & Sunday, September 20 & 21: Apple Harvest Festival
12. Saturday, September 13, 5:30 - 7:30: Annual Painted Pony Party. A whole pig roast, salad, drinks, and desserts. Includes Southern Maine Picking Society (Blue Grass Music), silent movie features, and laser show. Buy your tickets now.
13. Saturday, October 11: Bean Supper, 5:30PM - 7:30PM
14. Saturday, February 7, 2015,  9AM-12Noon: Second Annual Ice Harvest on the Mill Pond

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Traditional Arts Workshops for July and August 2014: Sign up now!


See photos. Scroll down and see more complete descriptions of the classes.
10% off tuition price for members or parent/child pairs. Thirteen years or older.
Sun., July 6, 10-4, Blacksmithing/Bowie Knife Making, $125
Sat., July 12, 10-4, Bladesmithing: Make a Puukko Knife or Tomahawk, $125
Sun., July 13,10-4, Blacksmithing, Make Tools for Forging, $125
Sat. & Sun., July 19, 10-4,/July 20, 10-4: 1 or 2 Day Metal Casting Class, Brass & Aluminum. Make 4 inch bell. $135/$200
Sat./Sun., July 19 & 20, 10-4: Make Heirloom Wood Dovetail Tool Box, $225
Sat./Sun., Aug.2, 10-4/Aug.3, 10-4: Knife/ Tomahawk Making, $125/$250
Sat./Sun., Aug.16, 10-4/Aug.17,10-4: 1 or 2 Day Metal Casting, Cast a 4 inch brass bell,  $135/$200
Sat./Sun., Aug. 23, 10-4 & 24, 10-4: Make a Portable Apple Cider Mill.  Buy Metal Parts: Grinder and Metal Screw Kit &Create Wooden Mortise and Tenon Frame and Two Pressing Tubs and Assemble, $295 
Materials and Tools Provided. More Information: Reserve your place at: 207-793-2784 or

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Silent Movie Festival at Willowbrook, July 12 & 13, 2014

 A Silent Movie Festival

Piano Accompaniment for Sessions 1, 2, & 4 performed by 
Peter Stickney

Price of museum admission; spend the day: visit the museum, ride the 1894 horse carousel, have lunch at our Sandwich Shop, ice cream at our Ice Cream Parlor, and shop at our Country Gift Shop.

Saturday, July 12, Session 1, 10-12PM

  1. The Haunted Castle (1896)
  2. Frankenstein (1910)
  3.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (1912)
  4. The Midnight Girl (1925)

Saturday, July 12, Session 2, 1-3PM  

  1. Charlie Chaplin’s One AM (REEL film) 
  2. The General  
  3. Buster Keaton Shorts

Sunday, July 13, Session 3, 10-12PM

  1. The Enchanted Drawing (1900)
  2. Delivering Newspapers (1903)
  3. Fantasmagorie (1908)
  4. Little Nemo (1911)  
  5. Gertie the Dinosaur (1914)
  6. A Boy and His Elephant (1913) 
  7. Our Gang Short (1920s)
  8. Felix the Cat (1920s)

Sunday, July 13, Session 4, 1-3PM

  1. Trip to the Moon (1902) 
  2. The Bat (1926)

Sunday, July 13, Session 5, 3:30-7:00PM (30 Minute Intermission

  1. The Birth of a Nation (1915)

Selections subject to change

Where:  The Ball Room, Amos Straw Country Store,
19th Century Willowbrook Village, 70 Elm Street, Newfield, Maine 04056

For more information, call: (207) 793-2784
Visit:  www.

25 Piece Yankee Brass Band Concert & Family Chicken Barbecue


FRIDAY, JULY 25, rain or shine*,
 5-6:30 Barbecue &  6:30 CONCERT
Tickets: $22 SINGLE, $40 COUPLES,
RSVP ASAP. Proceeds to Benefit the 501c3 nonprofit museum 19th Century Willowbrook Village

The Yankee Brass Band performs 19th century music (1840s-the end of the century) with antique instruments. The music may include polkas, mazurkas, schottisches, waltzes, quicksteps and gallops, and overtures and medleys, which are typical of brass this period’s brass bands.

The family barbecue will include chicken pieces, baked beans, salads, coleslaw, artisan bread, corn-on-the-cob, strawberry shortcake, and choice of soda or other drinks.
*Inside location for rain

Where:  The Lawn overlooking the Mill Pond at 
19th Century Willowbrook Village, 70 Elm Street,  
Newfield, Maine 04056

RSVP ASAP or For more information,
Call: (207) 793-2784
Visit:  www.